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NIA Array Analysis
NIA Array Analysis
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Description of NIA Array Analysis tool
Download the latest version 2.0
arrayjoin tool
(to parse multiple scanner files and combine results in one file)

  • False discovery rate (FDR)
  • ANOVA with error variance correction
  • 3D PCA/SVD-biplot
  • PCA import for experiment comparison
  • Pattern matching
  • Optional permutation test
  • Server-based software
Sharov, A.A., Dudekula, D.B., Ko, M.S.H. 2005. A web-based tool for principal component and significance analysis of microarray data. Bioinformatics, 21(10): 2548-9. Epub 2005 Feb 25. PMID: 15734774
Annotations (Mouse Development Oligo Microarray Version 3.0):
Annotation File In Tab delimited Text Format (Size: 4MB)
Annotation File In Excel Format (Size: 7.3MB)

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