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NIA Mouse EST Project
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    60-mer Oligo Array Platform
Off Image(A) NIA 22k Oligo Microarray Gene List (21939 gene features) ( Carter et al 2003 ) 
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( Subset of Microarray (A): 20,280 gene features )
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Project Status

NIA Mouse cDNA Project was carried out from 1998 to 2005. No new cDNA clones and sequences (ESTs) have been added since 2005. However, this web site has been maintained and updated. Please visit the lab home page for the information on other projects and current activities

Resource Availability

All cDNA clones are available from American Type Culture Collection ( ATCC, a non-profit organization ). To find ATCC number for NIA cDNA Clone please visit Clone Availability page.
cDNA sequence information is available either through this website or through GenBank NCBI

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