CisView: Browser of regulatory regions
CisView: Browser of regulatory regions
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CisView Description:
CisView is a browser of regulatory motifs and regions in the mouse genome. Information on transcription factor (TF) binding sites can be viewed in the context of sequence conservation, neighboring genes and their structure, GO annotations, protein domains, DNA repeats, CpG islands, etc. Analytical tools include search for genes with a specific combination of binding sites, identification of binding sites over-represented in a given set of gene promoters and/or enhancers.

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Sharov AA, Dudekula DB, Ko MS. 2006. CisView: a browser and database of cis-regulatory modules predicted in the mouse genome. DNA Res. 2006 Jun 30;13(3):123-34.

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  • mm9 (Genome Jul 2007)
  • mm6 (Genome Mar 2005)

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