NIA Mouse Gene Index, mm9

1169. U000231
Annotation: excision repair cross-complementing rodent repair deficiency, complementation group 5     Gene?: Yes     Source: NM_011729    Symbol:  Ercc5
Chromosome: chr1   Strand: +    Start: 44204417    End: 44238105
List: Positive strand of chr1 (N=6201)

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Exon structure

IPR002421 - 5'-3' exonuclease
IPR006086 - XPG I
IPR001108 - Peptidase A22A, presenilin
IPR008918 - Helix-hairpin-helix motif, class 2
IPR006085 - XPG N-terminal

GO:0003697 - single-stranded DNA binding
GO:0047485 - protein N-terminus binding
GO:0010225 - response to UV-C
GO:0043066 - negative regulation of apoptotic process
GO:0008340 - determination of adult lifespan
GO:0000405 - bubble DNA binding
GO:0006289 - nucleotide-excision repair
GO:0009650 - UV protection
GO:0003690 - double-stranded DNA binding
GO:0035264 - multicellular organism growth
GO:0042803 - protein homodimerization activity
GO:0006295 - nucleotide-excision repair, DNA incision, 3'-to lesion
GO:0004520 - endodeoxyribonuclease activity
GO:0006283 - transcription-coupled nucleotide-excision repair
GO:0005634 - nucleus
GO:0006281 - DNA repair
GO:0009411 - response to UV