NIA Mouse Gene Index, mm9

3082. U003647
Annotation: nerve growth factor     Gene?: Yes     Source: NM_001112698    Symbol:  Ngf
Chromosome: chr3   Strand: +    Start: 102273841    End: 102324936
List: Positive strand of chr3 (N=5067)

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Exon structure

IPR002072 - Nerve growth factor

GO:0007613 - memory
GO:0051091 - positive regulation of sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity
GO:0007165 - signal transduction
GO:0007422 - peripheral nervous system development
GO:0045664 - regulation of neuron differentiation
GO:0008083 - growth factor activity
GO:2000648 - positive regulation of stem cell proliferation
GO:0005163 - nerve growth factor receptor binding
GO:0030307 - positive regulation of cell growth
GO:0008344 - adult locomotory behavior
GO:0043524 - negative regulation of neuron apoptosis
GO:0005576 - extracellular region
GO:0031175 - neuron projection development
GO:0019233 - sensory perception of pain
GO:0051388 - positive regulation of nerve growth factor receptor signaling pathway
GO:0005615 - extracellular space
GO:0008284 - positive regulation of cell proliferation
GO:0005057 - receptor signaling protein activity
GO:0045773 - positive regulation of axon extension
GO:0045666 - positive regulation of neuron differentiation
GO:0005102 - receptor binding
GO:0046928 - regulation of neurotransmitter secretion
GO:0031954 - positive regulation of protein autophosphorylation