NIA Mouse Gene Index, mm9

4463. U006096
Annotation: T-box 3     Gene?: Yes     Source: NM_011535    Symbol:  Tbx3
Chromosome: chr5   Strand: +    Start: 120120677    End: 120134733
List: Positive strand of chr5 (N=6089)

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Exon structure

IPR001699 - Transcription factor, T-box
IPR012852 - Coiled-coil transcriptional coactivator-like

GO:0060412 - ventricular septum morphogenesis
GO:0045662 - negative regulation of myoblast differentiation
GO:0001568 - blood vessel development
GO:0030879 - mammary gland development
GO:0003007 - heart morphogenesis
GO:0060021 - palate development
GO:2000648 - positive regulation of stem cell proliferation
GO:0019827 - stem cell maintenance
GO:0003677 - DNA binding
GO:0008595 - anterior/posterior axis specification, embryo
GO:0032275 - luteinizing hormone secretion
GO:0045787 - positive regulation of cell cycle
GO:0042127 - regulation of cell proliferation
GO:0005667 - transcription factor complex
GO:0035117 - embryonic arm morphogenesis
GO:0060923 - cardiac muscle cell fate commitment
GO:0042733 - embryonic digit morphogenesis
GO:0035136 - forelimb morphogenesis
GO:0035108 - limb morphogenesis
GO:0007569 - cell aging
GO:0045893 - positive regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0045892 - negative regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0001947 - heart looping
GO:0060931 - sinoatrial node cell development
GO:0055007 - cardiac muscle cell differentiation
GO:0048332 - mesoderm morphogenesis
GO:0006351 - transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0003151 - outflow tract morphogenesis
GO:0006355 - regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0010159 - specification of organ position
GO:0043565 - sequence-specific DNA binding
GO:0030857 - negative regulation of epithelial cell differentiation
GO:0060596 - mammary placode formation
GO:0003700 - sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity
GO:0043066 - negative regulation of apoptotic process
GO:0009887 - organ morphogenesis
GO:0030540 - female genitalia development
GO:0060444 - branching involved in mammary gland duct morphogenesis
GO:0006916 - anti-apoptosis
GO:0030539 - male genitalia development
GO:0003167 - atrioventricular bundle cell differentiation
GO:0046884 - follicle-stimulating hormone secretion
GO:0021761 - limbic system development
GO:0001701 - in utero embryonic development
GO:0007275 - multicellular organismal development
GO:0008284 - positive regulation of cell proliferation
GO:0000122 - negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
GO:0001501 - skeletal system development
GO:0005634 - nucleus