NIA Mouse Gene Index, mm9

936. U026064
Annotation: protein phosphatase 1G (formerly 2C), magnesium-dependent, gamma isoform     Gene?: Yes     Source: NM_008014    Symbol:  Ppm1g
Chromosome: chr5   Strand: -    Start: 31504691    End: 31523018
List: Negative strand of chr5 (N=5778)

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Exon structure

IPR010784 - Merozoite surface
IPR008412 - Bone sialoprotein II
IPR013719 - Domain of unknown function DUF1747, eukaryote
IPR015267 - Protein phosphatase 4 core regulatory subunit R2
IPR007276 - Nop14-like protein
IPR013863 - Vacuolar import and degradation, Vid27-related
IPR014045 - Protein phosphatase 2C, N-terminal
IPR008905 - Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit 8, N-terminal
IPR006538 - Cobalt chelatase, CobT subunit
IPR005012 - Daxx protein
IPR001932 - Protein phosphatase 2C-related
IPR004855 - Transcription factor IIA, alpha/beta subunit
IPR007133 - RNA polymerase II-associated, Paf1
IPR004337 - Capsid, astroviral
IPR008895 - YL1 nuclear
IPR007015 - DNA polymerase V

GO:0007050 - cell cycle arrest
GO:0004721 - phosphoprotein phosphatase activity
GO:0008287 - protein serine/threonine phosphatase complex
GO:0016787 - hydrolase activity
GO:0004722 - protein serine/threonine phosphatase activity
GO:0046872 - metal ion binding
GO:0003824 - catalytic activity
GO:0005634 - nucleus
GO:0006470 - protein dephosphorylation
GO:0007049 - cell cycle