NIA Mouse Gene Index, mm9

1742. U030870
Annotation: ataxia telangiectasia mutated homolog (human)     Gene?: Yes     Source: NM_007499    Symbol:  Atm
Chromosome: chr9   Strand: -    Start: 53245060    End: 53344845
List: Negative strand of chr9 (N=4705)

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Exon structure

IPR011009 - Protein kinase-like
IPR000403 - Phosphatidylinositol 3- and 4-kinase, catalytic
IPR003152 - PIK-related kinase, FATC
IPR003151 - PIK-related kinase, FAT

GO:0008630 - DNA damage response, signal transduction resulting in induction of apoptosis
GO:0000077 - DNA damage checkpoint
GO:0006974 - response to DNA damage stimulus
GO:0007292 - female gamete generation
GO:0007420 - brain development
GO:0004672 - protein kinase activity
GO:0007507 - heart development
GO:0043525 - positive regulation of neuron apoptosis
GO:0016773 - phosphotransferase activity, alcohol group as acceptor
GO:0003677 - DNA binding
GO:0016301 - kinase activity
GO:0001756 - somitogenesis
GO:0005819 - spindle
GO:0042159 - lipoprotein catabolic process
GO:0006468 - protein amino acid phosphorylation
GO:0016740 - transferase activity
GO:0005634 - nucleus
GO:0006281 - DNA repair
GO:0051402 - neuron apoptosis
GO:0007049 - cell cycle
GO:0004674 - protein serine/threonine kinase activity
GO:0031410 - cytoplasmic vesicle
GO:0045786 - negative regulation of cell cycle