NIA Mouse Gene Index, mm9

4941. U033490
Annotation: glial fibrillary acidic protein     Gene?: Yes     Source: NM_010277    Symbol:  Gfap
Chromosome: chr11   Strand: -    Start: 102748648    End: 102762226
List: Negative strand of chr11 (N=6154)

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Exon structure

IPR002928 - Myosin tail
IPR003395 - SMC protein, N-terminal
IPR006821 - Intermediate filament, DNA-binding region
IPR011259 - Ezrin/radixin/moesin, C-terminal
IPR001664 - Intermediate filament protein

GO:0030198 - extracellular matrix organization
GO:0009611 - response to wounding
GO:0014002 - astrocyte development
GO:0005737 - cytoplasm
GO:0005515 - protein binding
GO:0019900 - kinase binding
GO:0005624 - membrane fraction
GO:0010977 - negative regulation of neuron projection development
GO:0005198 - structural molecule activity
GO:0005178 - integrin binding
GO:0045103 - intermediate filament-based process
GO:0044297 - cell body
GO:0031102 - neuron projection regeneration
GO:0060291 - long-term synaptic potentiation
GO:0005200 - structural constituent of cytoskeleton
GO:0042995 - cell projection
GO:0010625 - positive regulation of Schwann cell proliferation
GO:0045109 - intermediate filament organization
GO:0005882 - intermediate filament
GO:0051580 - regulation of neurotransmitter uptake
GO:0044464 - cell part
GO:0060020 - Bergmann glial cell differentiation