NIA Mouse Gene Index, mm9

3925. U034463
Annotation: dynein, axonemal, heavy chain 11     Gene?: Yes     Source: NM_010060    Symbol:  Dnahc11
Chromosome: chr12   Strand: -    Start: 119116454    End: 119437516
List: Negative strand of chr12 (N=3969)

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Exon structure

IPR013602 - Dynein heavy chain, N-terminal region 2
IPR013594 - Dynein heavy chain, N-terminal region 1
IPR002928 - Myosin tail
IPR011704 - ATPase associated with various cellular activities, AAA-5
IPR008545 - Protein of unknown function DUF827, plant
IPR004273 - Dynein heavy chain

GO:0007368 - determination of left/right symmetry
GO:0005524 - ATP binding
GO:0001539 - ciliary or flagellar motility
GO:0003777 - microtubule motor activity
GO:0005929 - cilium
GO:0008152 - metabolic process
GO:0000166 - nucleotide binding
GO:0005858 - axonemal dynein complex