NIA Mouse Gene Index, mm9

2001. U037830
Annotation: runt related transcription factor 2     Gene?: Yes     Source: NM_009820    Symbol:  Runx2
Chromosome: chr17   Strand: -    Start: 44632935    End: 44951746
List: Negative strand of chr17 (N=3916)

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Exon structure

IPR005632 - Outer membrane chaperone Skp (OmpH)
IPR013711 - Runx inhibition
IPR006774 - BAF1 / ABF1 chromatin reorganising factor
IPR004933 - Type specific antigen
IPR013524 - Acute myeloid leukemia 1 (AML 1)/Runt
IPR007738 - Homeobox prospero-like
IPR010528 - TolA
IPR004961 - Proteobacterial lipase chaperone
IPR008626 - GAL11 transcriptional regulator

GO:0008134 - transcription factor binding
GO:0002063 - chondrocyte development
GO:0002076 - osteoblast development
GO:0001958 - endochondral ossification
GO:0003677 - DNA binding
GO:0019904 - protein domain specific binding
GO:0005737 - cytoplasm
GO:0005515 - protein binding
GO:0005524 - ATP binding
GO:0005667 - transcription factor complex
GO:0044212 - transcription regulatory region DNA binding
GO:0048701 - embryonic cranial skeleton morphogenesis
GO:0045778 - positive regulation of ossification
GO:0042475 - odontogenesis of dentin-containing tooth
GO:0045893 - positive regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0045892 - negative regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0006351 - transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0040036 - regulation of fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway
GO:0048469 - cell maturation
GO:0000790 - nuclear chromatin
GO:0048705 - skeletal system morphogenesis
GO:0006355 - regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0003700 - sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity
GO:0045669 - positive regulation of osteoblast differentiation
GO:0002062 - chondrocyte differentiation
GO:0032332 - positive regulation of chondrocyte differentiation
GO:0042487 - regulation of odontogenesis of dentin-containing tooth
GO:0048863 - stem cell differentiation
GO:0030278 - regulation of ossification
GO:0045879 - negative regulation of smoothened signaling pathway
GO:0070491 - repressing transcription factor binding
GO:0043425 - bHLH transcription factor binding
GO:0008284 - positive regulation of cell proliferation
GO:0001501 - skeletal system development
GO:0001649 - osteoblast differentiation
GO:0005634 - nucleus
GO:0030217 - T cell differentiation
GO:0045944 - positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
GO:0003682 - chromatin binding
GO:0002051 - osteoblast fate commitment