NIA Mouse Gene Index

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U-clusters (genes, gene candidates, and non-genes)

AnnotationsField annotations
Members and attributesField annotations
Genes and gene candidatesField annotations
Exon schemeField annotations
Virtual sequences (fasta)
Major transcripts for each geneField annotations
Potentially wrong strandField annotations
GO (gene ontology) annotation


Annotations Field annotations
Sequences (fasta)
Members and attributes Field annotations
Genome alignment (BLAT-psl) Field annotations
Member alignment (BLAT-psl) Field annotations
ORF attributes Field annotations
ORF sequences (fasta)
Sequence repeats Field annotations
Transcripts in GFF format
GO (gene ontology) annotation


Alignments deleted Field annotations
Alignments truncated Field annotations

Software for gene index assembly

Psl2gff Perl code to convert BLAT format to GFF
Gene Index Assembly Software (zipped)
Read-me file